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CD Duplication DVD Duplication Blank Media Printing

You've just finished your music, software or video project and you want to distribute it to the public? Then you will most likely be in the market for a professional CD/DVD duplication service to help you through the process fast and easy.

While some may initially try to perform bulk DVD duplication or Short-run CD Duplication on their own, you most likely don’t have the tools and expertise needed to complete the process in a professional manner. This is why you need to opt for a good music CD duplication service that will help you share your mastered music with your audience fast and easy. This is where Digital Express Mastering can help.

Digital Express Mastering was founded with a single premise: to offer some of the highest quality, most affordable online audio mastering services along with short run CD and DVD duplication services on the market.

When you send in your Master DVD or CD for duplication, all you first need to do is to complete a form that you can find on the homepage of the website. You will simply pick the disk type; you can select either bulk DVD duplication or bulk CD duplication. Then you will need to select the desired service; this can be either printing, duplication or both. Digital Express Mastering also allows you to choose the exact quantity you want. You can quickly ask for the creation of just a few, on up to thousands of duplicates guaranteed to exactly match your original mastered CD/DVD.

In addition, Digital Express Mastering also allows you to select the desired packaging type for each CD, from standard jewel cases to cds in sleeves and jakcets along with desired turnaround time. The packaging, quantity and turnaround time will be reflected in the total price.

Digital Express Mastering provides you with an excellent and conveinant way to acquire clear, quality masters as well. You can then use the CD duplication service or the dedicated DVD duplication service to share your music and or video with your audience. The process is fast, easy and seamless, not to mention it enables you to pick the turnaround time and any potential bonus features based on your budget.

The bulk CD duplication, as well as the bulk DVD duplication, are both services designed to be fast and very affordable. It doesn’t matter how many duplicates you need; you will be able to get them done in the most expedited time possible and with amazing results.

Digital Express Mastering gives you access to a dedicated cd printing service as well. If you want to print your DVDs or CDs to customize their appearance, they can help you do that. It’s a great option for any business, ministry, school, organization or band.

If you need some help preparing your music or if you just want to get CDs made and in the hands of as many people as possible, you may want to opt for bulk CD duplication or bulk DVD duplication services. Digital Express Mastering is able to assist, all you have to do is to call or visit the website for more information. You will be pleased with the results! Let Digital Express Mastering help you with the best online mastering, blank media printing and CD/DVD duplication services available. Our work is guaranteed. Visit:

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