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How do you start a cuckold dating

How do I start cuckold dating? Here are elementary steps that have been proven to work time and time again for thousands of women just like you.


You should know that almost all men want to be cuckolded. It would help if you penetrated his male ego. Beneath the surface, your husband may want to submit to your domination. Start to face it. Tell him you want to swallow it and tell him you want him to at least try to keep up.


Your new relationship needs new rules. Make it clear that you will be rewarded if you use the rules; If you break them, you will get punished. Start with a few rules and work on developing them. Common first-time rules are as follows:

She must do what you tell her.

She cannot orgasm without permission.

She cannot request sexual interactions with you.

She must address you as a lady or goddess to show your dominant role.


Her goal is to get her husband to renounce his manhood gradually. Could you give it a girlish or boyish name? For example, if his name is john, you can rename him jane. It would help if you also told him to start dressing in women's clothing and never allow him to have sex with you without permission.

Sex abstinence


The greatest power you have over your husband is your sex life. When you take sex from him, he wants it more. As a reward for good behavior, you can give him sexual treatment, but do not let him have penetrative interactions.


Be strict

It would help if you were strict. Never weaken the positive by giving in to demands. Please get rid of sure things and only give them back when he wins them. So, could you take it as penalties? Be strict in all your dealings. Don't be afraid to yell at him or put him on your knee to slap him.

You asked yourself, "How do I start cuckold dating?" These are the most common steps to do this.

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