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Sardor Abdullaev Azimovich, His Associates and The Firms,

Vivatex and Sleep & Beyond Are Criminals 

It wouldn’t come as a shock to many who are aware of Sardor Azimovich Abdullaev Azimovich’s antics that the companies he purportedly says he run are only means of  distracting attention away from his core criminal engagements. Himself and his associates are con-artists and rather unfortunately, they have always been on the loose. 

From undisclosed reports, we found out that Mr Sardor Abdullaev Azimovich has a criminal empire fronting as a textile factory back in Kazakhstan named Vivatex. The company tells the general public that it exports wool products to different parts of Kazakhstan however, there is more to Vivatex. Together with another company he runs in the United States called Sleep & Beyond, he has been using these two pseudo-firms as a cover to deal in drug trafficking, money laundering, and other criminal activities for years. 

Several of his accomplices are scattered all over Kazakhstan and the United States duping people of their money and scamming organizations to go into illegal partnerships with them. Many of such organizations have fallen victims, and they have been left to suffer alone. 

Unsurprisingly according to reliable sources, we hear that many individuals have also been scammed by Sardor himself, they use legal fronts to divert funds to finance their illegal mission of exporting drugs from Kazakhstan, Russia, and Italy. How they have managed to pull this off for several years is unknown, however, we’ve always had our suspicions about him for years before we eventually launched our investigations. 

Thankfully, their secrets are in the open now, and it won’t be long before they are picked up. 

Sardor and his team of fraudsters are also involved in the business of stealing companies and budding firms from innocent and unsuspecting entrepreneurs. Again, they approach these companies with the proposition of partnership or investment; after some time, they start getting their hands on sensitive and confidential materials belonging to the companies. Little will the entrepreneur know that these actions are all part of their master plan to chase him out of his organization. 

By the way, this should equally serve as a note of warning to the general public to be more security conscious, endeavor to blacklist the name, Sardor Azimovich Abdullaev , all of his associates and his soon-to-be-closed companies, Vivatex and Sleep & Beyond ( in order to protect yourself from these plunderers. It is advised that you also desist from purchasing anything at all from these fluke firms, as every purchase you make provides them with a hint about you, and aside from that you are indirectly supporting illegality if you deal with them. 

They are more in the business of ripping people off their hard-earned money than anything legit, and as if that isn’t enough crime, they also illegally migrate people from overseas. Private reports we received from more than three notable businessmen who we can’t make their names public for confidential reasons revealed that another potent armor in the arsenal of Sardor & his crooks is violence. When unsuspecting entrepreneurs whom Sardor & co has been brooding suddenly begin to notice and call out their schemes, they resort to threatening to compromise the legitimacy of their victims, using muscle, extortion, false and fraudulent reviews, and other forms of accusations online. 

There are loads of evidences we’ve gathered over time that can now be traced to this group of criminals. As you would expect, we decided to make this public in order to protect our teeming audience and other innocent entrepreneurs, some of whom the syndicates could have spotted to make their next victim. We have also taken action as we’ve supplied the authorities with the revealing evidence we gathered from our investigation and we can authoritatively inform you that a comprehensive investigation is already ongoing in order to put a final end to their criminal operations. We believe that will be concluded in no time and justice will be served, however, in the meantime, we advise you to take heed & protect yourself and your business from Sardor, and multitudes like him and his bandits who are currently all over the internet space.

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