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Tips for a couple seeking women

We live in a liberal society that lets everyone chance after their fantasies and desires without any judgment. It is quite reasonable to want to fulfill that threesome fantasy as a couple. Most men and women fantasize about threesomes, and it’s natural. So if you are a couple who wants to spice up their sex life or explore new territories, then you might be in search of the third. Well, below are tips you need as a couple seeking girls.

1. Find a lady with similar interests

An excellent place to start would be the couple dating sites. There are a ton of sites that you could join for free and start looking today. Ensure that you find a girl who shares the same fantasies and kinks that you want to explore. This will guarantee that all parties will have the satisfaction that they have been looking for and experience.

2. Consider the lady’s feelings

Being selfish is a huge turnoff, especially to women, because it shows that you only want to satisfy your needs. Try to find out what kind of positions, kinks, and fetishes that your third enjoys. This will show the woman that she will also benefit from the threesome. Ensure that you engage the lady so that she doesn’t feel objectified.

3. Go with the flow

Once you decide to get down, then you must let go and follow the flow. This is especially when this is your first time at a threesome. Ensure that you follow your desires, and everything should fall in place. Yes, it may not go as you pictured in your head, but as long as everyone is comfortable, then it's all good. 


There are a lot of clubs for unicorns and couples that you could always visit. This should help you figure out the do’s and don’ts when it comes to couple seeking threesome.

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