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Understanding Cause and Effect; Guilt and Miscreation. By David Hoffmeister

Question: I realize that the body does not create, but I don't understand that "the mind can miscreate in the body.” Is this another way of saying that fearful thoughts create disease in the body?

Thanks for your questions. Yes, you are on the right track. It can be believed erroneously that the mind can miscreate in the body, and this is the attempt to project guilt onto the body. But since ideas leave not their source, it is the sleeping mind which continues to retain the guilt. Until the sleeping mind forgives it cannot "get rid of" guilt best course in miracles podcasts. Through the attempt to project guilt the mind keeps it. Projection is really a defense mechanism through which the ego keeps the mind feeling guilty.

An example of believing that the body can miscreate in the mind is the belief that behaviors and actions can damage the mind. The thoughts: "your behavior has harmed your son's mind" or "those violent behaviors in that TV show can damage your child's mind" are two examples of this. Behavior is never causative, being a bi-product of thought. What you do comes from what you think. The lesson of forgiveness teaches that only mind is causative and that mind cannot create beyond itself. Mind reaches to itself. It does not go out. Within itself is everything, you within it and it within you. There is nothing else. Atonement shows that you are a Divine Mind, wholly Mind, and Purely Mind. You remain forever an Idea in the Mind of God.

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