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Key Advantages of Using Microfiber

Mopping is one of the more popular uses of microfiber towel material. Using conventional cotton loop mops for wet mopping has long been the standard in floor cleaning for janitorial operations. Here are some key benefits of using microfiber wet mops, microfiber wall mops or microfiber towels for the mopping task:

Enhances cleaning power : Microfiber cloth cleans more effectively, reaching into surface pores and crevices, where cotton mop materials are too large for deep cleaning.

Contributes to reducing water and chemical usage microfiber mops use about 10-20 times less liquid than standard cotton mops, helping reduce procurement costs. Very few microfiber applications require the use of chemicals.

Helps increase productivity: The effort of dipping and wringing a conventional mop is eliminated. As long as the used microfiber mop head is not put back in the cleaning solution, the user does not have to change the solution between tasks.
Assists in reducing cross-contamination: Healthcare facilities have been quick to embrace microfiber dusters or microfiber wet mops cleaning. In an effort to reduce cross contamination risk between patient rooms, some state laws require that maintenance personnel change out the mop and/or cleaning solution after every room. Using microfiber wet mops helps the facility comply with these requirements.

Can reduce the risk of worker injury: Microfiber wall mops weigh significantly less than conventional wet cotton loop mops, making them more ergonomic and easier to use.

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