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Tips on how to Design a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Are you looking for tips on how to design a modern farmhouse kitchen? If yes, look no further because this article features everything you need to know about farmhouse kitchen designs. Read on to uncover how you can give a sleek farmhouse outlook to your contemporary cookhouse.

Apply Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen drawers made of natural wood like oak and pine are the best for creating a farmhouse outlook in a modernized cookhouse. You need to pick scullery cupboards and hardware, including furniture made of natural wood materials to bring the taste of a farmhouse to your cooking space. You can incorporate glass doors on your farmhouse drawers to add character to the kitchen hall. Grey-coloured farmhouse kitchen cabinets have proved to be perfect for creating a farmhouse outlook in a contemporary cookhouse.

Apply Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a signature feature of farmhouse-designed sculleries. Their natural wood properties blend with their soft grain surfaces making them perfect for blending with kitchen hardware and colouring. Hardwood scullery floors are not only beautiful but also long-lasting. You can opt for vinyl tiles if you prefer a contemporary outlook as opposed to the classic outlook of hardwood floors.

Pair White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets with Golden Hardware

A white painted kitchen wall can blend well with golden scullery hardware to create the perfect farmhouse design. The soothing glow of gold coupled with the bright tone of white is ideal for a luxurious countryside outlook. You can make your kitchen more attractive by installing white farmhouse kitchen cabinets with dark countertops and shiny metallic elements to add beauty and sophistication to your cooking area.

Apply a White or Grey Tiled Backsplash

The colours white and grey are the most popular when it comes to giving the modern kitchen a farmhouse outlook with a tiled backsplash. You can apply a concrete white or grey backsplash in your cooking space. The tiled backsplash will mix perfectly with shiny flooring to give your cookhouse a vibrant outlook. Add metallic fixtures, including shiny metallic elements to complement the design of your cooking space according to your personal taste.

Try Out Open Shelving for Kitchen Cabinets

Open shelves are a common feature of farmhouse kitchen cabinets. You can pick unvarnished shelves for a rustic farmhouse outlook or go for painted drawers if you do not prefer the vintage outlook of unvarnished drawers. To bring an element of contrast to your cooking space, insert bowls, dishes, and other colourful cutlery in the open drawers. Open shelves are not only a sight to see but also valuable in terms of freeing up the storage spaces in your scullery.

Final Thoughts

Designing a farmhouse-looking kitchen is as easy as ABC. All you need to apply natural wood drawers with open shelving options and work with colour options that blend well with your taste.

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